Project CR
Project CR is a text-based game (a MUD) based on the idea of ChUB (Chibot Ultra Battle).

5/05/06 - A dynamic character list retrieved from the game has been made.
4/01/06 - A forum has been created for Project CR here.
3/30/06 - Progress is on hold while the entire code is redone.
3/15/06 - First public announcement has been made. [1] [2] [3] [4]

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About ChUB:
ChUB (Chibot Ultra Battle) was a text based game for AOL chat rooms. You could select a character, weapon, talisman, etc, then battle it out with friends. The game had hundreds of characters from Goku to Pikachu. AOL Battlers were very popular, as they could simply be hosted in a chat room and everyone could play. There were many different AOL battlers, but the last and most likely best was ChUB (created by Noah). It was based off a previous game called KUB. For details about ChUB, check out the page on Wikipedia. Or for details about AOL battlers in general, a page on Wikipedia also exists.

A glance at the original ChUB:
A few logs of past ChUB battles (hosted by Zeno) can be found here: More about the ChUB Annihilation (from official site):
ChUB is a fast paced, real time, text battler-game written for AOL by KamekSally originally. You pick one of 1000 characters each with custom moves and spells, and fight to the death. There are several modes of gameplay including Team Battle, FFA, Respawn FFA, Zombie mode and more. There are literally hundreds of weapons and items to choose from as well that may help or harm your characters during the heat of battle. Annihilation 4.0 features a "Talisman System" which further enhance your characters by granting special unique abilities which can turn the tide of the battle if used correctly. You can also create your own custom arena, character, item and weapons. The possibilties are endless.

About Project CR:
AOL Battlers have diminished to the point of nonexistence but have always remained in the hearts of many. There have been many attempts to revive them and even some still continue today. Project CR will be based off ChUB with some new twists. The author is Zeno (aka RebirthSephiroth), and was started in February of 2004. It will be written in C in a *nix enviroment and will be similar to a MUD. You will not need to download or buy anything to play, just connect and you're in the game. The name "Project CR" is temporary until a final name can be decided. It was previously known as ChUB Renascence.

Preview of Project CR:
A full color log of part of the game can be found here:
Full color log of Project CR

What to expect in Project CR:
The original character structure in ChUB was somewhat "ugly" and so Project CR will use a slightly updated structure. This does not mean old characters will not be supported. A character converter will be released along with Project CR. So you will be able to use old characters (meaning Project CR will open with nearly 1000 characters) including weapons, talismans, arenas and more. NPCs are also planned as well.

How to connect to Project CR:
While Project CR is not yet open, those who wish to check what it is like so far may do so. Note that it is not always running. The telnet protocol is used to connect. But the actual telnet program should not be used and something better (a MUD client) should be used instead. It's suggested to use MUSHclient to connect.
Port: 1800
Click here to connect with telnet

About Zeno (aka RebirthSephiroth):
Zeno is an old ChUB player from years ago, and is the owner of the MUD InuYasha Galaxy. For more details about him, check out his page at Wikipedia. Contact him by the following ways:
Email: zenomcdohl[AT]gmail[DOT]com
AIM: RebirthSephiroth
MSN: Zeno_McDohl[AT]hotmail[DOT]com